Tekkie Tax 2016 – Thank you

18 July 2016
Dear “Tekkie Tax” Participating businesses and individuals

This letter is to thank you all most sincerely for your participation in the Tekkie Tax 2016 fundraising campaign. This national fundraising campaign brings Child Welfare much needed funds every year. This year we managed to sell 2627 of the 3000 stickers ordered for Tekkie Tax Day and raised R26, 270.00. Child Welfare Grahamstown retains 40% of this total and also looks forward to once again receiving a percentage of the national sales. This is based on our local sales and will also depend on how many stickers were sold nationally in support of the children’s sector.

This year, with the help of one of our enthusiastic volunteers, Lyn Hobson, from Dynamic Talent Acquisition we introduced an innovative concept to promote the sale of tickets locally with a school and corporate challenge. Congratulations to Victoria Primary for winning the Tekkie Tax School Challenge. They doubled up on their sales from last year and raised R6, 525.00 with their sticker and tag sales!
Congratulations to the Health Suite for winning the Corporate Challenge. The beautifully sculpted Tekkie Tax Trophies made by internationally renowned sculptor, Bruce Little will be presented to Victoria Primary and The Health Suite at Child Welfare’s Annual General Meeting on 23 August 2016.

We are grateful to all the schools, businesses and individuals for their support of this campaign. We look forward to doing even better again next year! “Tekkie Tax” will be held on Friday 26 May 2017, please diarize this event. We value your support!
Yours sincerely

Woineshet Bischoff
Director/Chief Social Worker